Bonbon Bucket (1L)


  • Assorted Flavours: Enjoy a mix of fruity and tangy flavours that are sure to tantalise your taste buds.
  • Long Shelf Life: These bonbons have a shelf life of 6 months, ensuring that you can savor them for longer.
  • Easy Storage: Once finished, just pop the lid back on and store in your cupboard.
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Our Bonbon buckets are filled with nine different flavours of delicious bonbons, each flavour weighing approximately 100 grams. They are all conveniently packaged in a resealable bucket.

Please be aware that we pack each bucket to order, making each one unique. Consequently, we do not list individual ingredients on the bucket. Should you wish to inquire about the ingredients of each sweet, kindly email us at Hello@littleleessweeties.co.uk prior to purchase, and we will reply within 48 hours.

May contain traces of Milk. Made using Vegan ingredients although packed on a line which handles milk.


Please note:
We cannot guarantee that the sweets in this pouch do not contain or have not been prepared in an area free from nuts and any other ingredients that may cause allergies and dietary reactions. Whilst every care is taken in the picking & packing process, we cannot guarantee that the sweets contained within this pouch have not come into contact with another item from our range as they are all packaged within the same area.

If you require any further information about how we pick & pack our products, please contact us at Hello@littleleessweeties.co.uk and we will aim to answer all questions within 48 hours.

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Bonbon Bucket (1L)
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